This Blog

This blog is under the patronage of St. Joseph and St. John Paul II.

I am seeking to cultivate skills in reading, writing, memorization, and constructive-critical dialogue. This [we]blog is one avenue for me to develop these competencies which enable me to be a faithful, honest, insightful, empathetic, and effective teacher-scholar for the Church. This blog is not a professional page but an instrument assisting me in my endeavors to develop skills for a career as a servant-theologian. It is not intended to be an apostolate, ministry, or scholarly theological website.

As a tool helping me to become a professional, the content of this blog is limited to the content of the Catholic faith since I am seeking a theological career. Although my expertise is in biblical theology, I have an interest in the entirety of the Catholic faith and I will write posts on issues beyond my specialization so that I can better grasp an understanding of fundamental elements of Catholicism. The variety of topics can be found in one this blog’s pages when I have constructed it.

I realize my journey to understand the faith and communicate it effectively may be beneficial to others who may be informed by my insights as well as my mistakes. Others may also have advice or a perspective that can help me in attaining my goals. For these reasons, I have made this blog with its posts public. The target audience for this blog is anyone who desires to know more about the Catholic faith and/or those who are also interested in theologizing. All posts and opinions on this blog are completely my own and do not officially represent the teachings of the Catholic Church even if all my work is at the her service. The posts in this blog represent my developing thoughts and not my final conclusions.