St. Maria Goretti: Patroness of Rape Victims, Children, and Girls

About ten years ago I was blessed to visit the major relics of St. Maria Goretti in Nettuno, Italy. This past weekend my wife and I were blessed to venerate her relics here in Milwaukee during her tour of the United States. More information about the tour and future cities she will visit can be found here. It is amazing for one so young to give her life
for Jesus and I thought I would reflect on her as well as some misconceptions about her martyrdom in this post. Continue reading


The New Minority: Those Seeking to Live Family Life Faithfully

Timothy Cardinal Dolan has written a terrific blog post about a new minority in the Church.

Can I suggest as well that there is now a new minority in the world and even in the Church?  I am thinking of those who, relying on God’s grace and mercy, strive for virtue and fidelity…these wonderful people today often feel themselves a minority, certainly in culture, but even, at times in the Church!

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