The Rite of Consecrating a Fixed Altar

St. Stanislaus Oratory in Milwaukee celebrated its 150th parish anniversary and celebrated it with a consecration of the newly restored altar by His Excellency Joseph N. Perry, Auxiliary Bishop of Chicago. The Rite of Consecrating a Fixed Altar according to the 1962 liturgy contains several beautiful elements including Gregorian Water, relics of saints, and even fire on the altar.1 Continue reading

The Role of a Godparent

I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my firstborn son and looking forward to his baptism to add another member to the Body of Christ. The rite of baptism includes the participation of a godparent/sponsor. However, I was surprised to see how difficult it was for me to find a suitable sponsor. The factors of family members not authentically practicing the Catholic faith and moving to various parts of the country made it difficult to select a sponsor who can live up to the responsibilities such a role entails. Continue reading

Holding Hands During the Our Father

Prologue: Purpose of the Post

So this blog post is simply a rant and if you are interested in my ranting then read on. You have been warned. I am not interested so much in defining the proper posture during Mass at the recitation of the Lord’s Prayer but seek to be able to express myself clearly on this matter. Last week I tried to give an opinion on what I think is the Church’s stance on this issue and another person, whom I had never met before, simply proceeded to use straw man arguments, ad hominem statements, and arguments from silence that brought about a more hostile environment for debate that I didn’t want or seek. Continue reading

The Feast of the Patronage of St. Joseph

This past Wednesday I attended Mass in the Extraordinary Form (EF) which happened to be a votive Mass for St. Joseph.  I knew that Wednesdays were traditionally dedicated to St. Joseph but this celebration was different from the Solemnity on March 19th and the memorial on May 1st as well as the St. Joseph votive Mass in the Ordinary Form (OF).  I thought the priest simply wanted to celebrate a votive Mass but later found out that St. Joseph had a regular feast day in the liturgical calendar during the Easter season. Continue reading