Catechetical Movie Review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Spoilers—including the major one—for this movie are present below so only read if you have seen the movie

The seventh installment in the Star Wars franchise is smashing box office records and overwhelmingly pleasing critics. It has returned the franchise to its roots while establishing a future trajectory for the saga that promises more intrigue and hope. More than any other movie franchise, Star Wars expresses the hopes and desires of the people throughout the planet. Continue reading

My Review of “The Inspiration and Truth of Sacred Scripture.”

Posted here from Catholic Books Review.

This document by the Pontifical Biblical Commission (PBC) is a response to Pope Benedict XVI’s desire, in Verbum Domini no. 19, to see more research into the inspiration and truth of Sacred Scripture. The PBC is currently structured to be a biblical research organization under the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in the Catholic Church but it does not enjoy magisterial authority which means that this document does not officially define or establish any doctrine for the Catholic Church. Continue reading

Father Karol Wojtyla’s First Masses on November 2, 1946

The day after he was ordained a priest, Karol Wojtyła—later St. John Paul the Great—celebrated three first Masses on November 2, 1946, in the crypt oWawel_St_Leonard2f St. Leonard in Wawel Cathedral. A few friends and his aunt gathered together with him in this crypt that contains the remains of several kings, queens, clergy, and artists. George Weigel writes that the young priest wanted to express his gratitude to those influential Poles who had a significant impact on his life and education (Witness to Hope, 81). Continue reading

St. Maria Goretti: Patroness of Rape Victims, Children, and Girls

About ten years ago I was blessed to visit the major relics of St. Maria Goretti in Nettuno, Italy. This past weekend my wife and I were blessed to venerate her relics here in Milwaukee during her tour of the United States. More information about the tour and future cities she will visit can be found here. It is amazing for one so young to give her life
for Jesus and I thought I would reflect on her as well as some misconceptions about her martyrdom in this post. Continue reading

The New Minority: Those Seeking to Live Family Life Faithfully

Timothy Cardinal Dolan has written a terrific blog post about a new minority in the Church.

Can I suggest as well that there is now a new minority in the world and even in the Church?  I am thinking of those who, relying on God’s grace and mercy, strive for virtue and fidelity…these wonderful people today often feel themselves a minority, certainly in culture, but even, at times in the Church!

Continue reading